Bored of city breaks and beach holidays? They seem to be the only two holidays that people do, and after a few years you might be in the mood for something a little different. Don’t worry, I won’t suggest camping. I am going to suggest a walking holiday, however. Most people don’t think about going abroad to have a walking holiday. Sure, people go for long walks at home, but sometimes the best way to see a country, I mean really see a country is to walk it. The following four countries are some of the best countries to walk in. Yes, they are all in Europe, but that is only because they have great walking weather but also they are best seen by walking.


France has some very sombre and sobering walks to partake in. France has got hundreds of battlefields that have been left relatively untouched since the days of World War One. You can see trenches, shell holes, and even active land mine ridden fields. France’s fields have seen a lot of death and pain but it has left them strangely and poignantly beautiful. France has some stunning walks to explore, plus you will also learn a little history in the process.


Well, Sweden itself is beautiful, but you know what is also exceedingly beautiful? Stockholm in winter. Stockholm consists of hundreds of canals and waterways and in winter they freeze and the city is covered in snow fall and ice. It’s a beautiful site and so get over there and start walking. It’s not countryside, but it is a sight that should not be missed.


The Alps. Once described as the closest humans will ever get to heaven on Earth (and I don’t think it was because they are really tall), they should be experienced by everyone, even if you don’t like skiing. The Alps have excellent walks through the snow and mountainous paths that usually culminate in a nice warm (probably alcoholic) beverage in the nearest chalet whilst sat around a roaring fire pit. You can just imagine it, can’t you?


Britain, the king of all walking countries, in my own biased opinion. There are lakes, forests, winding paths, coastal paths, moor land, you name it. Apart from desert and rain forest, Britain has it all. Plus it’s excellent if you have a dog that you want to bring with you. Check out My Pawson dog friendly hotels and great walking spots. They have a whole list of places to stay and walks to try out. Britain is best seen from its countryside. Forget London, when you’ve seen one big metropolis, you’ve seen them all, whereas Britain’s countryside is one in a million.

Where would you like to go on a walking holiday? China? Italy? Australia? There are hundreds of possibilities. The ones I’ve mentioned are just some of the highlights of walking in Europe, but there’s a whole world to explore out there, so get to it.