Moving can be stressful. Trying to coordinate a moving company, pack up your entire house, and think about unpacking all of it again. It’s important to think about doing it in steps so you don’t become overwhelmed, especially once you’re at the new house. You don’t need to unpack everything the first day.

Whether you’re moving across town or to a different part of the United Kingdom, you need a reliable removals company in Peterborough to help you make the transition. As you research companies, aim to find one that owns an extensive fleet of vehicles so there will always be one available, as well as having trained professionals that will assist you in packing, loading, and unloading your furniture and boxes. However, you have responsibilities too, including knowing where you want the large furniture to go, and making sure the house is prepped. Don’t let it stress you out–these tips will help you unpack your house successfully and easily.

  • Prepare for your move by checking that the utilities like the water and electricity have been hooked up. This will make it easier to hook up your appliances as you bring them in.
  • Clean your new house before the official day of moving. Sweep, mop and vacuum the floors, as well as wiping down any built-in cabinets or counters. Make sure any walkways leading up to the entrance are clear for unloading purposes.
  • Decide where you want to put important furniture and appliances like the television, the refrigerator, and all of your bedroom furniture. Draw a simple diagram for each room as it will assist the movers and any friends that help you unload.
  • Ask the movers to place the designated boxes in each room. Make sure you labeled each one so they know to leave boxes marked dishes or pantry items in the kitchen, while they’ll leave boxes marked toiletries or bathroom towels near the bathroom.
  • Begin unpacking once the movers leave. Start with the things you’ll need first, such as medication, first aid, toiletries, and the towels for everyone’s morning shower. Beyond that, unpack linens so you can make the bedrooms fresh and clean.
  • Unpack and organize your kitchen as soon as possible. You’ll need items like the coffee maker, toaster, and microwave to help you survive the next few days. In addition, having your favorite snacks unpacked and in the pantry will help you de-stress when you need a break.
  • Try not to overwhelm yourself. Moving is a long process. More than likely, it took you several months to find the right house, find a removals company in Peterborough, and pack up your house. Therefore, it’s important that you pace yourself as you unpack because no one expects you to magically have it presentable in a day or even a week. While you may want everything in its proper spot quickly, take time to enjoy your house too.
  • Decide where to keep extra boxes and belongings. If it’s just a few boxes that need to be sorted through later, consider keeping them in the garage or an extra bedroom. If you have more belongings than will fit in your new house currently, see if your removals company offers on-site storage or can give you a referral.

While unpacking may seem like a long and overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be if you divide it into steps. It can even be beneficial as it allows you to re-evaluate your belongings to see where you should display them, store them or if you should get rid of them.