Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a mother’s life. Bringing a new child into the world is an incredible and magical experience that marks a new, exciting chapter of life. But pregnancy sometimes isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. There’s the cravings, baby kicks and of course the constant tiredness and fatigue. You want to remember your pregnancy for all the wonderful moments that it brings, and that’s where Pregnancy Boudoir Photography comes in.


Pregnancy Boudoir is an empowering photo shoot that puts you back at the centre of your pregnancy, celebrating the beauty of your body and creating stunning mementos of this wonderful time in your life. Boudoir photography aims to help mothers-to-be reclaim their confidence in their natural beauty and also have an exciting and fun experience during the process.


Confidence is beautiful, and photo shoot confidence comes from being as comfortable as possible during the session. This is even more important for Pregnancy Boudoir. All photo shoots are done one to one with your own female photographer. The photographers work alongside an all-female team of make-up artists, re-touchers and printers. We really want you to fell relaxed and happy during your session, and you and your photographer will work together to create the most stunning boudoir photos that you’ll be looking back on for years to come.


Whether you want to document this exciting moment of your life, or want to produce a sexy gift for your partner, we can assist you in creating the ideal photo album. After being welcomed at our studio and introduced to the team and your private photographer, we’ll take you through the day and make sure you feel comfortable. Then when you’re ready we can head into the make-up studio!


After your make-up session, which will make you even more beautiful and radiant, you’ll head into our comfy studio to capture your amazing photos. Our specialist photographer will help you find the most stunning and sexy poses that highlight and celebrate your body, and that make you feel powerful and confident. We can’t stress enough how empowering a pregnancy boudoir photo shoot can really be, we guarantee you’ll feel amazing knowing you’ve produced such incredible photos.


Our team of re-touchers will work with you to edit your photos just how you want them. Whether you’re after a bright photo or a dark and moody picture, we’ll be able to adjust your photos in whatever way you fancy. We can also tastefully airbrush your pictures to make them even more perfect. Throughout all the processes your photos are kept private to you and you always decide what happens to them at all times.


Our sessions are unique and fun, and you’ll definitely be sharing laughs with your photographer and our team. We’ve had some amazing feedback over the years, and everyone mentions how much fun they had taking their photos. We pride ourselves on this and know you’ll have a great day with us at the studio.


There are a few things we recommend you bring with you to the photo shoot so that we can capture photos that you’ll love. Bring along 4 or 5 sets of your favourite lingerie, so that we can take a variety of different photos and you can choose your favourite! Some heels or your favourite shoes can also make a boudoir photograph even more stunning and exciting. Finally we recommend bring some of your favourite jewellery to really make your photos radiant and unique. We think it’s great to wear your own lingerie and jewellery as it makes the photos truly yours and you can look back on them knowing that they’ve captured the true you.


We use incredible skin smoothing lighting that highlights your beautiful body in all the right places. Our professional photographers know all the techniques to create the smooth lines and shapes that we’ve become known for. We’re sure that you’ll be blown away by your amazing photos, and you’ll be walking with a new found confidence after visiting our studio.


We are extremely serious about privacy and it is our number one priority in all our photography sessions. All pictures are kept private to you and you have ultimate control over the session. We are aware of how daunting stepping into a boudoir photo shoot could be, but it really doesn’t need to be! Our staff will direct you at all times to help you have a great experience. Our studio is a relaxing and calm space and this only ensures that you’ll have a wonderful time with us.

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