Surrounding noise tends to be a little overwhelming for us sometimes, and they are even more so for autistic people. One of the best ways to ensure that your child is not overwhelmed by noise is to get headphones that protect them from surrounding noise and would not overwhelm them with its sounds and feel.

This guide provides you with everything you need to know about safe headphones for your autistic child, how to select the best headphones for them as well as our well-researched recommendation for the safest headphones.

Tips For Choosing Headphones For Autistic Children

When selecting headphones for your autistic child, the factors you need to consider are based on the child as well as the headphones. Here are two universal factors you must consider when choosing safe headphones for your child and how those factors affect the child.


Headphones are generally designed to focus and manage sounds, which makes them very helpful for your child. You, however, must put serious consideration into why your child needs the headphones. Some headphones are for noise cancellation, absorbing your child from all noise in the environment, while others serve to isolate sounds, sealing out most ambient sounds to permit only certain decibels or types of sound. 

This choice has to be based on what you would like the headphones to do; if you would prefer that they seal out all ambient noise and play only specific sounds or if your choice is to block out all sounds to prevent sensory overload completely.


Since children diagnosed with autism tend to experience sensory perceptions quite differently than most people would, it is necessary to factor in their comfort. The headphones you choose must be comfortable enough for your child; if this is not the case, rather than prevent the child from being overwhelmed by sound, the headphones themselves would cause overstimulation or whatever reaction is peculiar to the child.


Choosing headphones based on this would have to depend on your child’s sensory sensitivity. Children with tactile sensitivity may need different headphones than those other forms of sensitivity.

Our Safe Autistic Wireless Headphones for Moms that Care

Based on the criteria of comfort and function, the choice of headphones for autistic children has to be limited to Headphones with active noise cancelling seals and those with features that are comfortable enough for autistic children.

Below are the top three recommended headphones for your child:

1. HearTek Foldable Headphones

HearTek Headphones are ideal for autistic children. The noise-cancelling seal blocks out most ambient noise, protecting them from overwhelming sounds and sensory overload. It also has soft vinyl earpads and padded headbands that make it comfortable even for children with tactile sensitivity. HearTek Headphones are designed to help the wearer focus better without external disturbance, but it still has enough room to help them hear sounds like when their parents are talking next to them.

2. Cowin E7 Headphones 

The Cowin E7 headphones are designed with active noise cancellation that blocks out low-frequency sounds and ambient noise. The Bluetooth and audio features allow your child to listen to their preferred sounds and music without interruptions from external sounds. Despite its noise cancellation features, Cowin E7 is ideal for noise isolation as it only seals out some sound, giving access to a range of other sounds within specified decibels.

3. 3M WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector

With 24 decibels Noise Reduction Ratings, the 3M WorkTunes Headphones effectively block out all surrounding noise. Your child can put these headphones on and comfortably walk through loud, noisy places without risk of being overwhelmed by the sound. The design is also good enough for your child’s comfort. The ear cushions and comfortable headband are well designed to prevent tactile irritation for your child.

Top Noise Cancelling Headphones For Autistic Children

All three recommended headphones are ideal for your child both in comfort and function. However, when pressed for a top pick, the best choice would be the 3M WorkTunes.This product was designed for loud industrial areas; it is, therefore, ideal for autistic children as it cancels out most of the ambient noises. The industrial purpose also ensures a comfortable structure that supports the tactile sensitivity of your child, so your child can hold and use these headphones without being overwhelmed by the sound or the feel of the headphones. 

The 3M WorkTunes also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows your child to connect to their mobile devices or computer when they want to listen to music or their preferred sound. Combined with its active noise cancelling, this product serves to effectively isolate sounds, making it ideal for children with varying kinds of autism as well as a soothing mechanism whenever they feel overwhelmed by their environment.



There are loads of different types of headphones to consider and I would always recommend looking at different types online to see what’s new on the market. We compiled this list by looking at sites like,, and