One thing that’s never lacking when it comes to children is energy. The last place they want to be is in a confined space just for a bath. And who can blame? They want to be out burning all that youthful energy with friends, family, or their pets. Bath time can be quite the bore, but not anymore. The following kids bathroom ideas will transform their bathrooms into an exciting space where they can have fun while bathing. 

Here are some fun bathroom themes for your consideration

  1. All aboard!
  2. Pink everywhere
  3. Personalized hooks with initials
  4. Geography themes kiddie bathroom
  5. Black and white bathroom design
  6. Vintage bathroom theme
  7. Custom towels
  8. Dinosaur hooks 


Continue reading to discover how the above listed is guaranteed to make your kids look forward to their bath times. 

8 bathroom themes to make bathtime fun for children

1.All aboard!

This is one of the most popular kid bathroom ideas because children love to play out their imaginations. Design your kids’ bathroom like a ship with small stools to match and watch them have their baths a million times daily. You must design the bathroom with your child’s input so that you can incorporate their favorite nautical elements. 

2.Pink everywhere

Pink is a trendy color because of how it seamlessly brightens up the entire bathroom. This bathroom theme would keep your daughter in awe, and it creates one more space at home where she can feel like a princess. 

3.Personalized hooks with initials

There are not many bathroom ideas for kids that can personalize the bathroom experience and have hooks personalized with your kid’s initials. This is especially effective when more than one child shares the bathroom. You can easily separate their supplies with custom hooks with their initials. 

4.Geography themed kiddie bathroom

Who says bath time can not be fun and educational in the same breath? One terrific way to help your kids learn is by designing their bathrooms with geographical elements. You can map out the bathroom with North, South, East, and West to teach your kids how to orient themselves. 

5.Black and white bathroom design

Sometimes simplicity is the answer, and one of such times is the use of black and white counter shades to bring your kids’ bathroom to life. It might sound easy, but it is one of the more difficult looks to pull off. Check out other bathroom designs for inspiration on how best to balance both colors. 

6.Vintage bathroom theme

You can not go wrong with a vintage bathroom design. Kids are usually attracted to things or places that stand out, and nothing screams unique like antique bathroom decor. Find ways to incorporate old license plates, rustic bathroom signs, and you have got yourself a gold mine of a bathroom that your kids would enjoy. 

7.Custom towels

This is simple and yet, very effective. Adding their names or nicknames on their towel creates a unique atmosphere during bath time that they continually anticipate. This is a favorite for parents and guardians because it is very affordable to incorporate in any bathroom.  

8.Dinosaur hooks

I am yet to see a kid that does not love dinosaurs. Adding dinosaur hooks is sure to catch your children’s attention. Bye-bye, boring baths, and hello fun dino-hook baths. 

In Conclusion

Kids like to have fun. Put them in a bland bathroom, and they would try to climb out the window. The above listed ensures they look forward to bath times and can have fun while having their baths.