The coronavirus has brought a lot of things to a halt, radically changing many lives and altering the families’ schedule. There is a need to keep your children active and entertained with parents working from the house and children being homeschooled. 

As parents and guardians, it is your duty to ensure that you seamlessly blend play with fun. You do not want schools to be opened, and your children would be unable to socialize or compete academically. 


Considerations when deciding activities to engage in


When deciding what fun activities to engage in as a family, the following would need to be considered to narrow down your options. 


Age: The ages of your children are arguably the most crucial factor as they give an inkling into the activities that would get them excited. Younger kids are most likely to be engaged in activities that are energetic and to play with brightly colored toys. On the other hand, older children would prefer activities that are tasking and more likely to favor board games.


Interest: Knowing what they like is sure to ease your search. It goes without saying that different children from different homes with different upbringings are sure to have different interests. And when you know what that is, it becomes easy to schedule events that would keep your children engaged. Pick up on the little things like the topics they like to talk about, and people they look up to. These and many other clues would give you an insight into your child’s mind.


Space: Sometimes, your kids just want to play. They want to be able to enjoy this long compulsory break, which is not bad, it does not make them lazy, they are after all kids. This is why it would not be the worst idea to get them gifts, but the gift you would get depends mostly on how much space is available for them to play. If you have a substantial outdoor space, outdoor gifts like playmats would be ideal. And if your children enjoy the indoors, you can get them board games and other indoor games. 


Budget: You have to work with a budget that does not harm your abilities to purchase essential supplies during the lockdown. Essentials like food and drugs should take precedence when making choices that would affect your budget. 


10 Activities for your Children

These are the list of fun and engaging activities children across different ages would love. They are: 


  1. Fun Games and Applications

Children this day and age are glued to their gadgets. It is close to impossible to find children that do not have access to the internet, a social media presence, or any smart device, be it an iPhone or iPad. Even more challenging is getting them to drop these gadgets, but instead of separating them from their virtual world, why not let it work for you. You can install applications that would teach them new and exciting things.

Check out for some more ideas.


  1. Get them Toys

What kid would not love to have a basket of toys to play with. Get them different kinds for different moods, soft and plush, colorful, puzzle, and informative. It is not possible to have too many toys at home.


  1. Teach them to read

Get your children different books to pass the time with. You can pick up National Geographic specials that would teach them to appreciate the world around them and, at the same time, help them develop their vocabulary.


  1. Try a Drive-In Movie Theatre

These are getting popular, especially at a time like this, where it is important to reduce the number of social interactions. You would need a radio to receive the sound signals from the movie theatre to enjoy the movie with the crispest sound. To better understand, look at FM radios at the walkie talkie guide.


  1. Create TikTok Videos

Nothing unites a family more than being able to goof around today. Use your smartphone to record videos and take pictures, edit them, and create content that introduces your beautiful family to the world.


  1. Bake Together

Children love pastry, and they love to assist when baking, sometimes just to cause some mischief. Let them occasionally indulge their childishness and watch them beam with smiles. 

Teach Kids How To Bake with these easy tutorials.


  1. Check out Mars!

You and your children can have a look at mars for yourselves from the safety of your home. 


  1. Indoor Gym Class

Being indoor is no excuse to not keep fit. During the weekend, you can bring out your workout mats and do some simple stretches to keep your children fit. 


  1. Practice Musical Instruments

If your children are music lovers, now would be a good time to brush up their skills with different musical instruments. And if they do not already play any instrument, they can start to learn now.


  1. Give Them recess

Playing games, outdoor theatres, and weekend gym class are fun. But don’t forget to let them rest. Give them time away from their phones and kick back and relax like they have no care in the world.