Sometimes you want to feel the summer breeze on your skin or bathe in the sun. You want to spend time outdoors with your friends and family. Maybe grill some meat and chill in the company of loved ones. Times like this, you also want to make sure the younger ones have fun too, you want to create their corner where they can have all the fun in the world in the company of their peers and friends. For such times you would need to get one or more outdoor games.

Tips Choosing Outdoor Toys for 1 to 3 Year olds

There are several outdoor games to choose from, so when shopping you have to keep the following in mind: 

The Difficulty: You do not want to get games that are too complicated that it becomes so difficult, and no one ends up having fun. You should be on the lookout for games that are relatively easy to play, and everyone can easily join in. 

The Number of Players: It is best to go for games that accommodate more than enough players at a time, it makes it more fun playing, and people can enjoy themselves. There would be no need to wait for turns. Everyone can join in the fun and have the time of their lives.

The Age Range of Players: The age of the people that would be participating in the outdoor games is an important thing to consider, you do not want to purchase a game that would not interest the people that would be playing. So when shopping, you need to check the age tags on the labels so you can buy the right ones and bring all the fun to your backyard. 

Top 10 Toddler Games and Toys

Now that we know the tips for buying the perfect outdoor games. Let us have a look at top toddler outdoor game picks. Here they are:

  1. Alex’s Active Toddler Balance Board

This balance board is an exciting toy; it is beautifully crafted to put smiles on the face of children. Playing with this toy would help them develop physically, improve their balance, and when they play with their friends, it will foster social development. Included in the package are easy to understand instructions, screws, two sideboards, and a platform. 

This is an image of Alex’s Active Toddler Balance Board


  1. Liberry’s Golf Set for Toddlers

The golf set is popular with parents and guardians because it offers a lot more than regular play; engaging in the sport is good exercise. Asides that it develops motor, social, and cognitive skills. It also works on their hand-eye coordination. These golf clubs are safe for children, as they are made from plastic, making it safer and lighter than the ones made from metal. The Liberry Golf Set strengthens the relationship between parents and their children, as parents get to teach them the rules of the beautiful game of golf.

This is an image of Liberry’s Golf Set for Toddlers


  1. Liberry’s Outdoor Bowling Set

Liberry is known to produce the best sporting sets for children, and they did not disappoint with this beautiful bowling set. All the pieces are made from premium quality plastic; the plastic ensures that it is durable and that your kids remain safe as they play in the backyard or on the lawn. This gift item would make an excellent birthday gift or Christmas present. The bowling set develops his social and motor skills and is a good source of exercise. 

This is an image of Liberry’s Outdoor Bowling Set


  1. Outdoor Inflatable Splash Pad

This is the right gift for your children come those hot summer days; it is essentially their little pool where they can do all they want with the water. They can roll, jump, and dance in the overhead sprinkles. The advantages of making this purchase are the durability of this splash bad, how beautiful it looks, and how easy it is to set up. Just inflate the mat and connect a faucet to the valve. And you are all good.

This is an image of Outdoor Inflatable Splash Pad


  1. Toyvelt Baseball Set

Both boys and girls can enjoy this baseball set. It is easy to understand and even easier to set up. The T-set can be easily adjusted to accommodate the height of your children. This toy teaches your children to have fun and, at the same time, develop mentally and physically. Playing with friends and family would also allow them to improve their social skills. 

This is an image of Toyvelt Baseball Set


  1. Ring Toss Outdoor Game

A very engaging game that has kids stand some distance away and toss a number of rings around the cone. It exercises the intellect of toddlers, teaches them how to aim, and improves their visuals. The Hokic ring toss game can be played indoors and outdoors, great for birthday parties, family hangouts, carnivals, and other gatherings.

This is an image of Ring Toss Outdoor Game


  1. Outdoor Play Tunnel for Toddlers

This is a collapsible and colorful tunnel that can be put out for toddlers. It would help them in crawling better, exceeding their usual speed limits as they play around, as a result of this helping to develop their muscles and even sensory receptors. A great gift for babies, toddlers, and children.

This is an image of Outdoor Play Tunnel for Toddlers


  1. Toddler’s Outdoor Activity Center

Outdoor slide and climber with different game accessories by the side. Only suitable for toddlers from ages 1-3. Your baby would never be less busy with this slide at home, having all these choices in one. It is also very durable so it can be passed down from kid to kid or used by visiting toddlers too.

This is an image of Toddler’s Outdoor Activity Center


  1. Colorful Outdoor Tent

If your kid is one who finds playing in an enclosed place interesting, then you should purchase this Alvantor easy set-up kids tent. Toddlers can take their other toys into their tents even with their other playmates. Females toddlers would find this exciting as they would enjoy having conversations with their dolls and imaginary friends.

This is an image of Colorful Outdoor Tent


  1. Outdoor Bucket Swing

The best type of swing for kids and toddlers, the eastern jungle gym full bucket swing is fully covered and protected so parents can be confident that their toddlers are safe and can not fall out. Most definitely meant to be outdoors and comes adjustable swing chains that can be easily gripped by kids while in motion.

This is an image of Outdoor Bucket Swing