We all know 1 Year Old Boys Love to have fun!

Boys would always be boys; this is one statement that stands true regardless of age. Even this young you can see he always wants to play, always wants to be in the company of his toy. Rattling and giggling along, watching him play is such a cute sight. With every inch of his being filled with joy and laughter. This is why you need to get him as many toys as possible. The more, the merrier, but when purchasing toys for him, you have to keep an eye out for a few things, and they are as follows:


Considerations Choosing Gifts for little boys aged 1 Year Old


Age: He probably looks like he can play for two days straight like he has a mysterious source of energy that allows him to keep going without tiring. Although this might be true on many levels, it does not change the fact that he is still a baby. So you have to treat him as such, whatever toys you intend to buy must be age-appropriate and be just right for your sweet one year old boy.


Safety: We spoke with some moms and dads, and they agreed that the one thing that dissuades them from buying toys for their baby boy is the potential hazard that comes with it. And we then took our time to sensitize them on the importance of toys in the development of their child. And how they can ensure they get safe and non-hazardous toys for their baby.

Now that we have an idea of the dos and don’ts, let us have a look at a couple of gifts that would excite your little prince.

Top Gifts for One Year Old Boys

Below are the best gifts for your son, one of the following presents, and you would be doing him a great deal of good. Here they are:


  1. VTech Musical Puppy

This puppy is a must-have for a lot of exciting reasons; the simple designs incorporate a little bit of everything that can interest children at this age. The puppy is designed to look drop-dead gorgeous, with its smooth, uninterrupted body, and big alluring eyes. Asides the faultless aesthetics, the puppy, also wins on the side of functionality. It comes fitted with a pull or push cors that activates its musical abilities, teaches him to recognize and differentiate numbers and colors, respectively. 

This is one toy you want to buy for your sweet boy. It comes with a lot of safety features, so you don’t have to worry when he is playing.

This is an image of VTech Musical Puppy



  1. Learn His First 100 words

Gifts and toys at this age should not just be about running and playing around; they need to blend fun and education seamlessly. And this gift item does this more than most, effortlessly. The book is beautifully designed to catch his attention at first glance and contains simple everyday words that would do him a lot of good to learn. The words come with interesting pictures to enable him to learn easier and commit these words to memory. It is never too early for him to start building his vocabulary, so start today with this excellent book.

This is an image of Learn His First 100 words



  1. Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

This book is an excellent gift idea for one year old boys. Mothers agree that a recipe for their baby’s good night’s sleep is a soothing bedtime story to put him to sleep. This book, when read by his parents, would, from this tender age, foster love and unity in the family. Books like this, in the long run, cultivate the reading culture, and like say they readers are leaders.

This is an image of Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?



  1. Nuby’sNuby’s Boat Bathing Toys

It is no secret that children at this age are not big fans of taking baths. This is why this is one of the best toys for young boys because, with the introduction of these beautiful tug boats, you make the whole bathing experience exciting. He would look forward to playing with his bath buddies and, as such, would enjoy taking his bath more. The boats squirt water out of their mouths as they float around, and their soft textured design makes them easy to grasp and play with in the water.

This is an image of Nuby’sNuby’s Boat Bathing Toys



  1. Plush Animal Themed Chairs

After a day of playing around and making everyone happy, your baby deserves to rest. THe needs to sit back, kick back, relax and maybe watch TV like the royalty he is. And what better way to do this than in his plush animal-themed chair, he has the following animal options, bear, dragon, shark, dog and many others. The chair is easy to wash and safe for your son to use. If you want your son to be comfortable, then you need to purchase this stylish chair.

This is an image of Plush Animal Themed Chairs



  1. Hudson Fleece Boots for Babies

Who says you can not blend functionality and aesthetics into a beautiful fashion statement. If you have wondered how you can pull that off, well, this is how. These gorgeous boots have non-skid bottoms, so when he plays, you know he has added protection. The boots are machine washable and made from 100% premium quality polyester.

This is an image of Hudson Fleece Boots for Babies



  1. Radio Flyer’sFlyer’s Red Buggy

This list would be incomplete without the addition of this beautiful red buggy for one year olds. This buggy comes fitted with 17 interactive activities that help him develop his cognitive and motor skills. The buggy is a push walker that allows parents and child to bond as they are always in each other’s company. The buggy is made from premium materials to ensure the safety of your child.

This is an image of Radio Flyer’sFlyer’s Red Buggy