I’m a big fan of anything that makes my life easier in a simple and cheap way, and I’ve been a bit of a fan of the Crazy Russian Hacker, whom I can waste some good time watching.

Some life hacks are so simple that you wish you’d have spotted them twenty years earlier, some are things that your Grandmother told you, like hanging creased clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower to iron out wrinkles.

Some, are new, for technology, so here are a few of my favorites:

  • Put your kindle in a zip lock bag so that you can read it in the bath.
  • Stack your t-shirts vertically so that you can easily pull out the one you want.
  • Use spice racks to organise your small bottles in the bathroom.
  • Also in the bathroom, use a cake stand to organize your make-up and brushes.
  • Use hooks on the inside of doors to hang your jewellery.
  • Make a scarf organiser that you can hang in the wardrobe with a coat hanger and some curtain or shower hoops.
  • Use beeswax to waterproof your canvas shoes.  Rub on, then blast with a hair dryer.  The wax will melt in and provide waterproofing.
  • Loosen some just-from-the-wash jeans by doing a few squats and lunges.
  • Set a bedtime alarm to make sure you get enough sleep and encourage your body to form a sleeping routine.
  • See if jeans fit you without having to try them on by placing the waistband around your neck.
  • Fold jeans by flattening them out, folding the bottom cuff to the top of the back pocket and then again up from the now bottom crease to the top of the back pocket.  You’ll stack more pairs up, more clearly and neatly.
  • Clean up your computer and upgrade your RAM.  You do not need a degree in computer science to do this, just five minutes and a screwdriver.  Crucial let me double my RAM so now I am flying on bootup.

Have you got any good life hacks? I did find some for folding fitted sheets and t-shirts swiftly and easily but I couldn’t quite seem to do it correctly.