It’s nearly here, the day that symbolises love and romance and all things heart-shaped and red, pink, frilly, sweet-flavoured and expensive. Valentine’s day,or the Feast of St Valentine’s, is in honour or a Roman saint who apparently got put in jail for performing weddings that he shouldn’t have. How cute.

For the past few years, single but a Mum, I’ve downplayed the whole Valentine’s day thing, but this year I have decided to make the day a bit special, if only to teach my little boy how to be romantic, when his time comes. You can go out to the shops and spend oh so much money on products especially brought in for the occasion but I think true romance takes a bit of effort and thought.

If you’re especially gifted with crafts, baking or wool, there is loads of inspiration out there on the internet. Me, being a little challenged in the above areas, prefers some of these brilliant and no-sew ideas:

  • Find a little bottle and attach a note to the lid. The contents of the note are at your own discretion. (examples: “I love you”, “oi, tidy your room up”, “we are over”. Whatever you like!

  • Find a pack of cards, a hole puncher and some ribbon to thread through the holes and make it into a book of “52 things that I love about you”.

  • Danish heart baskets are really a Christmas idea but can be adapted for Valentines day. I just made one in less than ten minutes, and you can fill them with sweets or even small underwear.

  • A romantic touch would be to get an old glass jar and an old book, cut a heart shape out of a page and glue it around the jar (so the heart shape is missing). Tie a bit of string round the top for a rustic twist and plop a tea light inside. The light will cast heart shaped shadows, and candles are always warming and romantic.

  • Write a message on a strip of paper and pop it inside a balloon with some little confetti hearts (I got some for about a quid from Asda). Attach a little sign saying “pop me” and put it in a box (see first idea for message suggestions).

  • Bath bombs and scented candles can cost an arm and a leg, so why not have a go at making your own? They are relatively easy, and it’s very satisfying producing your own luxury smellies. You could even add some confetti hearts to the mix, so that they float around in the bathwater.

  • But what if you have just bought or made a lovely bracelet and have no wrapping paper? Help! Never mind, just recycle your old loo rolls into really cute DIY pillow boxes. Paint, tie with some string and bingo, problem solved.

  • Love a book? Create an origami book mark. This could be blu-tacked onto a card to make a duel-purpose card-gift.

There are so many lovely and cost-effective ideas out there I could write forever. Have you got any made-with-love ideas you could share?