I haven’t shopped at House of Fraser for yonks, partly because they seem a bit fuddy-duddy and partly because they are really, seriously, expensive.  Or so I thought.  I was offered a challenge to spend £30 so I excitedly scooted over to their website to take a peek.

It soon became clear that my preconceptions were unfounded (though I was probably making the judgement based on the Leicester House of Fraser, twenty years ago).

The children’s section was very well stocked, with fun and funky clothes from my budget right up to the Ralph Lauren budgets.

I chose some amazing Pumpkin Patch denim shorts, because the Cub insists on wearing shorts in all weathers (I think he is a post person in training) and to balance it out, a Mango faux shearling hoodie.

They both arrived by courier very quickly, and were a good fit.  The hoodie has a nice warm hood and snuggly neck area but definitely needs another layer underneath, which is OK, because you can layer your child up as required.  The shorts have an adjustable waist with those elastic and button devices inside that are common in kid’s clothes. They look tough and hard-wearing and I’ve definitely changed my outlook on House of Fraser now.

Best of all, the Cub is delighted with his new threads.