Games are the best education

When you really think about it, the games we play as children and teenagers can often act as a precursor to a grown-up or real life equivalent in later life. For example, when we play card games like ‘cheat’, we learn to spot a bluff, a skill that can be utilised in the more grown-up game of poker in later life. Then there’s Monopoly, where the wheeling and dealing involved has taught hundreds of thousands of youngsters some of the most cunning and potentially lucrative tricks of the free market capitalism trade. The almost unnervingly wholesome Game of Life meanwhile, teaches young players that the key to success lies in entering into a heterosexual marriage, having two kids and working hard until you meet your maker (time for a 21st Century re-boot?)

Games as lifelong companions

So games can help us grow up, and in many cases we seem to return the favour. For many people, the video game characters we grow up loving continue to be held dear to us – who amongst us can say they’ve never happened to think about an old favourite and indulged in a spot of YouTube-based nostalgia?

In many ways we carry the characters and brands we love as youngsters through with us into adult life. Having started life as a children’s comic character, Batman is now a Hollywood fixture with a massive inter-generational fanbase; characters like Mickey Mouse crop up from time to time in the retro outfits of the fashion blogosphere; while online slots games featured on sites like and this site are peopled by imagery and characters from major teenage entertainment franchises like Spiderman and Lord of the Rings. There’s something particularly appealing about seeing your favourite teenhood characters applied to parts of your adult life – it’s like having Vimto with your vodka!

The importance of playing as a grown-up

Certain people reject the idea of playing games as a grown-up. We say this is plainly ridiculous. Playing games is a terrific means of stimulating different parts of your brain, ultimately increasing your mental performance. Certain games hone your reflexes, while others brush up your problem-solving or critical thinking skills, but most importantly playing games is fun. It’s incredibly important in this high-paced, high-stress society we’ve made for ourselves that we spare the time for some good old-fashioned play; it’s the only way you can be the most complete grown-up you can possibly be!