We live in a world of excess, where more is more, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. A good clear out is often needed, but where to start? A cupboard, the junk room, the garage, you name it, we all have piles of junk laying about that we need to address. And once you’ve had that clear out, think of what the extra space will offer you. So, start today and keep on reading for our top tips on how to start your own junk-free life.

Get rid of spares

That spare bike, the spare mattress, the spare toaster. Many of us are guilty for keeping something ‘just in case’. But how often will you need said spare item and how much clutter are they creating within your home. Get rid of them. 

New Years Resolution reminders be gone

That old weights machine you kept, determined that one day you’d get round to becoming the healthiest version of you, it just sits there gathering dust and fuelling your guilt. That old treadmill you refuse to run on. And the numerous yoga and pilates mats that you hoard. The best thing you can do is remove them, you never enjoyed using them and removing the reminder of a failed attempt at fitness and health will stop it from holding you back in your search for the thing that will work for you.

Don’t forget about the backyard

That old shed, the dead plants you keep promising you’ll start to water, everything that has been touched by your far-from-green fingers, clear it out. From broken sleds, old pots and the unusable wheelbarrow with the wheel that won’t stay straight, it’s all just more ‘just in case’ belongings that we can let go of.

A few too many missed trash collections

It’s been one of ‘them weeks’ for the last month and the trash and waste is building up. Don’t wait until collection day. Get help now. Companies like https://www.weebblejunk.com/ will take your trash off your hands, so you don’t have to worry about catching up with trash collections, but instead have the space in your bins to decide what’s next to go.

The technology that time forgot

Your old laptop, your first phone. You’re not going to need any of it again. VCR, fax machines and (soon enough) DVD players are a thing of the past, so leave them there. But do be careful in how you dispose of these items. With electronics containing harmful chemicals and metals that are very damaging to our environment, they do not belong in general garbage and should be disposed of safely.

Full Clean Out

Is it all just too much? You need a fresh start? Get rid of it all. From kitchens to attics, bathrooms to garages, or even the whole house, clear it out. Just make sure to get upfront quotes from honest and reliable companies, as such big jobs can often end in added fees and crippling final costs.


One man’s junk can be another man’s gold, and often we want to rid ourselves of belongings but have the knowledge that others may love them. Donate them instead. Your junk could end up raising money for vulnerable families, endangered animals or the fight against disease. From simply dropping off a singular bag with a charity or pre booking a curb side pick up, there are options that suit everyone.


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