Are you conflicted about what board game to buy a two year old boy? Are you unsure whether the game you intend to buy would be right or age appropriate? Maybe you are stuck on an idea and would want help picking out the best board game for boys aged two. If you belong to any of the aforementioned categories, then you are in the right place. Boys at this age, or any age for the matter love to play and have a lot of energy to burn. You need to get them one that can entertain, distract and educate them at the same time, and we have just the thing.

Before you are in a store raiding their shelves, there are a few things you would need to put in mind. They are as follows:

Considerations Choosing Board Games for Toddlers

Age: His age is arguably the most important factor to be considered. It would determine the level of physicality and how much mental energy would be channeled towards the toy. At this age you need to keep it simple, you need a toy that would teach him his ABCs and 123s.

Safety: A very important factor is the extent to which the toy can endanger your son. Toys for year olds have to be vetted to see that it has no sharp edges, small removable bits or plastic coverings that might pose a choking hazard.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the toy being purchased is noteworthy, it has to be big enough that his tiny hands can move them but not so heavy that he would not be able to move them at will. Also, the dimensions of his play area has to be factored in, how much space he has to play would determine how big the board could be.

Top Board Games for 2 Year Olds Boys and girls

  1. Seek-A-Boo

These are interesting board games that when used right helps your little boy develop his vocabulary and enhance his memory skills. The board has top quality color coded cards, to play you would show your son a “Find Me” card and he would match that card to one of the “Seek Me” cards. The game allows more than one player at a time, engaging and entertaining more than once child at the same time.

Seek-A-Boo toy boxset


  1. Roll and Play by ThinkFun

ThinkFun is a worldwide leading manufacturer of mental and puzzle games for kids. Most of their games, including this, are multi award winners entertaining families through the many years. The Roll and Play franchise has over 50 million units sold, and with its detailed instructions would have you and your son having fun, as he develops his mental and cognitive skills. 


  1. Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

This is one game that parents are a big fan of, because it has everything you would want in a board game. The game involves putting together different colorful pieces to create the likeness of different animals. Animals like the bear, the wol, butterfly and many others. This game is made from quality wood, it is designed to look good and the gameplay helps him develop his cognitive abilities.


  1. Wooden Geometric Shape Sorter

This set consists of four different geometric shapes that can be arranged into four different pegs. It introduces the concept of logic and sameness. It helps him develop critical thinking and improve his cognitive skills. The geometric sorter game teaches him to identify the different shapes and colors.


  1. Melissa and Doug Fish Puzzle

Melissa and Doug is a household name known for their many cool toys and gadgets for babies and toddlers alike. And this colorful fish puzzle is as good as the rest, the board has slots where only a certain shape and color of fish can fit in. Playing with this toy teaches your son to identify the many colors and understand different patterns.


  1. TOWO’s Matching and Sorting Game

This wooden sorter is a fascinating game for little kids. There are slots where you have to match pictures or numbers together. The design is simple and very easy to understand, it teaches children to understand and identify patterns. The Towo sorter helps him develop his hand-eye coordination. 


  1. Alex Toy’s Chunky Pegs

This is a 20 piece set where your son gets to match, stack and build. The game teaches him to sort the pegs according to different colors and shapes. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to play. These chunky pegs foster good relationship between parent and child. 


  1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Fishbowl Puzzle

Another excellent toy for boys aged two, this game teaches them to match the different pictures that appear beneath each piece. The Wooden puzzle develops visual acuity and develops hand-eye coordiantion. 


  1. Rolimate Learning Puzzle

This vivid game encourages your son to learn his numbers, he matches the different numbers to the available slots on the board. The numbers are beautifully designed with bright colors to educate and excite him.