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Valentines Day 

It’s nearly here, the day that symbolises love and romance and all things heart-shaped and red, pink, frilly, sweet-flavoured and expensive. Valentine’s day,or the Feast of St Valentine’s, is in honour or a Roman saint who apparently got put in jail for performing weddings that…

Family Life

House of Fraser For Kids 

I haven’t shopped at House of Fraser for yonks, partly because they seem a bit fuddy-duddy and partly because they are really, seriously, expensive.  Or so I thought.  I was offered a challenge to spend £30 so I excitedly scooted over to their website to…

Family Life

Baby Safety – Have A Good Head 

Little ones who are taking their first steps can easily suffer from bumps and falls. Head injuries are particularly common amongst babies, though there are steps, which you can take to make your house safe for adventurous youngsters. Despite efforts, accidents can still occur and…