About Me

I’m a full time Mummy to a devastatingly handsome, kind, intelligent, confident, compassionate and incredibly funny five year old boy. Also part of the family is a big eight year old soft and beautiful energetic collie/gsd cross (possibly, he was rescued) called Shadow and a Royal Python called Lady (after the train). I’m a positive parenting/attachment parenting enthusiast – trying to get the hang of motherhood, making mistakes, learning from them and having lots of fun whilst doing so. We love to read together, play together and learn together.  My son has taught me so much about so many things and each day is a new adventure.

I care deeply about the world and do what I can to make it a better place, not for me, but for my son and his children and grandchildren. We are pescatarian and grow our own vegetables, flowers and herbs in the garden. I also love my clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up (my personal battle against ageing and sensitive skin).  I am an enthusiastic and successful MuTu/thinking slimmer Mama for life and seem to have developed a strange and unexpected passion for running, having completed two half marathons and two 10k’s in 2014.

My son loves tractors and trains, mostly trains, mostly Thomas, making and building and discovering stuff and reading story books, though we still watch the telly too. He loves Star Wars, and Lego, and Lego Star Wars (the film and the Wii game), and the other Lego series’.    At age two and quarter, he could switch the laptop on, open firefox, navigate between web pages, scroll up and down, reload pages, find his favourite games and videos online and click, drag, colour and play games without me helping him. Quite incredible!  He is better at Subway Surfer and Minions Rush than I am. He is always happy, I have never met anyone so happy, and will sing his way through the day.  He is a real outdoor kid, and loves running, biking, football, riding his scooter, climbing, geocaching and, well, just loves life.

Make tea, not war!  I’m an activist and feminist and support Eve Thomas and the One Voice Never Silenced campaign, amongst others.

Social media manager, web designer and copywriter.  Please e-mail me for details.

I can be contacted on me(at)mummylion(dot)co(dot)uk

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In my previous life I was a computer tutor and lecturer, and proud owner of the letters BA(hons) PGDip after my name.

My family