BONKERS! #tiedyequeen

I have been getting a little bit over excited with some Dylon dye I was sent to try.  It all started with a picture I tweeted of some Toms that I had revived and then the lovely people at Dylon twitter posted me an eye-popping selection of dyes to experiment with.  I’ve loved it, making the Cub and I matching t-shirts and even letting him have a go at creating his own.  I just can’t get enough of it, I’ve been reviving old towels and a bag, transforming plain t-shirts trying out new designs and methods, and I’ve not even finished yet.

I need some more white tees and a white hoody and some trousers from  At this rate, there will be nothing white left in this house!  Brilliant fun.

The Dylon website has all the instructions, it’s easier than I expected and especially if you pick a bright colour, the hand wash packet for three quid-ish goes a very long way.


lavender bath mats

Lavender transformed some greying and bleach-spotted bath mats

dip dyed t shirts

I love the dip dye effect

spiral  dyed shirts

Our favourites – matching Mum & Son t-shirts

secection of dylon dyes

Bahama blue and flamingo pink are my favourite colours.

khaki bag

An old very faded bag that had plenty of life left in it, restored to a good colour again.

bubble dip dye tees

I combined dip dying with the bubble effect for these

two more dyed t shirts

A bubble dye vest and a scrunch dye t-shirt. This was a dip dye job that went wrong with a paler pink so i scrunched it and popped it in the flamingo pink.

modelling the dip dye bubble one

Me, in one of my favourites

mummylion and cub in a field

We love our matching tees

vest and long sleeved t-shirt

Cub’s creation on the right and a corner spiral dye with dipped sleeves.

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