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I’ve been wearing glasses for a while now.  First for studying, later for driving and now, well, all day, when I am not wearing my contact lenses.  Sad to say, I can’t even see the telly clearly unaided now, though, I can still read clearly with no visual aids.  Over the years I’ve been through quite a few pairs of specs and it’s always hard to choose the right pair, so much so that I think I’ve only ever had three pairs that I really actually liked.

I visited a Boots opticians for the first time in many years, and the experience was quite different from my usual optometrist appointment.  I’ve been going to Adsa for years after falling out with Specsavers, just because they are cheap,to be honest.  They aren’t the friendliest front of house staff, but it’s a handy store and you can get your groceries afterwards.

As  contrast, Boots Opticians staff were very friendly and a lovely gent called Vikesh took me through the whole eye test procedure.  The process was nothing new to me, but each step was clearly explained and he even took a picture of the inside of my eye, which I was quite impressed about – I’ve never seen that before and apparently my eyes are healthy, which is reassuring from a bit of a sun-worshipper.

Then it was onto choosing the lenses and frames.  He explained that Boots Protect Lenses came as standard now.  If you scroll down, you will see a lovely graphic that highlights a few facts about sun and eyes.  In a nutshell, Boots Protect Lenses offer all year protection from UV rays with an eye sun protection factor of E-SPF 50 (high).  Loads of people go blind from to much sun exposure, and it affects every eye colour, not just us blueys.  So not only will my peepers be healthy but (I was thinking) it might help prevent wrinkles (I added that bit myself, this is not a confirmed fact). These lenses are also scratch resistant and reflection free to help you see out, and people see in, more easily.

I also wanted to try reactions lenses, so I added them to my package.  I’ve been on the fence about reactions lenses, one of my sisters tells me they are very uncool but as I like to wear glasses in the summer to protect my eyes from pollen, plus, I like multifunctional items, I opted for this.  My Mum says they don’t change fast enough when you come indoors (after chasing after my very fast son) but I’ve had them for a few days now and can’t see any problem there.  The brown tint matches my frames and I like them.

Boots Protect Plus Lenses (or fancy-pants lenses, as re-named by me) are amazing, so far.  They resist water, oil and don’t steam up as much.  In the few days I have worn them I have definitely not been cleaning them as much as my other glasses, and today when I was over some steamy water in the sink, they definitely de-steamed quickly.  In my other specs I would have had to wipe them or wait much longer for them to clear.   I’ve never had special lenses before, and at fifty quid it’s a big extra on the price of your glasses but I will update this post in a few more weeks to let you know if it’s worth it.

The staff at Boots (well, Vikesh really) has been very patient with me, and I’ve been back twice already for adjustments (hopefully for the last time today!).  I’d like to thank him, because I took sooooo long making my choice AND had my lively and rather bored son with me while I did (did I mention kids glasses at Boots are unbreakable?).

Anyway, time for a selfie? What do you think of my lovely new glasses?






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    Connie says

    Thanks for posting this. I’m searching the web for information about UV and blue light damage to the eyes, since my Boots optometrist briefly explained these two types of damage to me today. (I believe she explained the blue light waves damage because I had a cataract removed 4 weeks ago and I found on line that the natural human lens helps protect the retina from blue wave damage, but when that natural lens one is totally unprotected and the blue light from energy saving bulbs, computer screens, mobile phones, tvs and tablets all inflect intense damage on the retina, leading to macular degeneration.) The Boots staff and modern equipment is something I appreciate. I’m glad you wrote this blog about your positive experience with the lenses. I usually buy the cheapest lenses I can find from the internet, but am searching now for the best blue wave filtering lenses I can find. (Boots’ only filters 20% of the blue waves.) Thanks again.

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