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I’m sure that my son is not alone in liking having his name on clothes and items and it of course makes it easier to identify items when he is at nursery.  When he starts school he will be taking responsibility for looking after his own things, so having clothes, shoes and bags labelled will make sure that he always comes home with his clothes and not somebody else’s.  Stuck on you not only provides name, clothing and shoe labels but also sells a really attractive and useful line of supplementary items such as lunch bags and drinks bottles as well as party paraphernalia and even towels.

The Cub and I browsed the lovely selection of cute and quirky designs together and he selected some pyjamas with his name and some monsters in a car.  When they arrived, they were such lovely quality that I wanted to use the top as an everyday t-shirt but he was insistent that they were his new pyjamas and so they have remained so.  stuck on you pyjama set

What a little cutie eh?  Now I have had the new starters meeting at school, I see I will need a whole lot more personalised stuff, from a drinks bottle with his name on to the whole range of clothing and show stickers.  I might also get him a bag tag for his book bag because although I’m sure school uniform is a lovely things and all, I can just see items being lost when their kit gets jumbled up together in the cloakroom.  The website is clear and attractive and the prices seem OK too. I’d be interested to see how many washes the stick on clothing labels survive through.

I quite fancy some pens with my own name on, but I’ve always been a bit of a stationery geek *blush*.

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    wendy says

    What a good idea. Why not treat yourself :) I had some personalised stationary with my blog name Savette on , I loved it :)

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