Review: Charly the Vet app

I was recently sent the strangest kids game ever to review.  Charly the Vet is a game book aimed at kids aged 4-7 and the choices made while playing the game determine the outcome from multiple endings.

I gave it to my son, who, despite not being able to read yet is excellent at every game he has yet played.  He got stuck at one of the first hurdles though, with a task to get a load of toads across a road without getting squashed by racing cyclists.  Two adults and one child could not work out how to get the darned amphibians to safety and so we gave up.  There was also a game within the story that he played where he had to stop the toads from being eaten by a heron!  I know these are all valid issues for toads but I was actually a bit surprised at the levels of harsh reality in the game.  Combined with no way that I could see to skip the  introduction each time, the game soon got left to one side.  The voices are really horrible and squeaky and high-pitched American and the characters talk to each other really rudely.  If I could have skipped the godawful squeaky-voiced introduction then at least I could have had a play myself and worked out a solution but I couldn’t bear poor Charly’s voice a moment longer.

The next day when my son went to play with my tablet, he said “I don’t think I’d better play that one had I Mummy?” and that was the end of Charly the Vet.

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