Review: Giovanni Rana Pasta

20131207_182459“Live the Italian way with Giovanni Rana”

I was very lucky to receive the gift of two yummy new types of pasta by an Italian artisan pasta maker, Giovanni Rana.  Pasta is a lovely and quick family meal and I had not previously been aware of this brand.  Wrapped in fresh egg pasta, the Italian Cured Ham and Cheese filling was tested my by (non-vegetarian) parents and the Gorgonzola and walnut by my son and I.  Cooking them really couldn’t be simpler, simply cook in water for a couple of minutes and drizzle a little olive oil over it on the plate.  It is easier and more delicious than a frozen ready meal and is almost as good as if you had made it yourself (but less messy and time-consuming).  Both parties of testers came to the same conclusion:  Quick and completely delicious.

giovanni rana

I’m a lucky lady,

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