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Brain Box Games recently sent me a lovely treat for my son.  He is only three and a half but loves to play and learn and he was delighted to receive a build your own solar powered aeroplane and a game of my first colour and shape snap.

The plane is designed for ages six plus but my son loves making things and has excellent fine motor skills, so one rainy afternoon we opened the box and popped all the pieces out of the wooden frames.  I was determined to let him do the work, so I did the reading and he looked for the correct shapes and with minimal help from me we had a beautiful aeroplane constructed in less than half an hour.  The wooden bits are easy to identify and slot together, but I had to help him apply the motor and solar panel.  I was so proud of his work and when the sun finally arrived he was captivated by the spinning propeller and how the sun and the shade affected it’s operation.

cub and plane

The website is packed full of very reasonably priced toys and games that are all available from Amazon.  The plane, for example is currently £5.60 with free delivery (July 2013), which I think is an amazing price.  We have had it for a couple of weeks now and nothing has broken, but I might add a drop of glue underneath the battery and on the tail fin.  We could even paint it one day, if he likes.

The snap game, intended for a preschooler, has been played but I cannot for the life of me get him to concentrate on turn-taking games for more than a couple of minutes.  I will persevere though!  It’s funny that he can concentrate on a complicated thing like constructing a plane but quickly loses concentration with a seemingly simple card game.  It must be the engineer in him – he gets it from his Grandad.

Green Board Games website is well worth a look and you can even fill out a form that helps you select your child’s BrainBox personality.  My son’s was “Impressive! Your child’s an All-round BrainBox. All-round BrainBoxes are rare, quite unique and very clever! Their desire to learn is second to none. All-round Brainboxes love sport and they appreciate art, they are inventive but history is close to their hearts.”  I of course knew he was a brainbox all along!!

I will definitely be returning at Christmas time,and I love the look of Wikki Stix.

You can follow them on twitter @BrainBoxGames

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