Yesterday I set about tidying up the garden a bit, so that we could enjoy it in the nice weather that we are promised.  I love the garden but it definitely takes a bit of hard graft to keep it looking reasonable (I nearly said nice, but the oveg patchnly people that seem to have perfect gardens are the pensioners with plenty of time/a gardener on their hands).  The lawn itself has been a challenge, what with moles and dandelions being a repeated blight, and it grows so fast at this time of year.

I do love growing my own veg though, it makes me feel as though I’ve beaten capitalism in my own tiny way, when I can go and pick myself something for dinner instead of having to buy it (though of course i havetomato plants bought the seeds).  My tomato plants are ripening and I’ve been having a hearty evening meal of home grown lettuce for a few months now.  My veg patch is growing onions, garlic, carrots, courgettes and butter-nut squash, slowly, but steadily.  Last year I recycled a broken bed into some raised bed and they are growing lettuce, garlic, pak choi, tatsoi and broccoli, though the slugs are a nuisance.raised bed

Last year, some neighbours gave my son an old play kitchen, so yesterday in the sunshine we got to scrubbing all the winter-accumulated green stuff and insects off it.  I made my son a washing up station with an old cage side and a washing up bowl.  I had instructed him to give all his toy pots a good wash. “Like Mummy does”, before adding “before I got the dishwasher“.   I can’t remember ever climbing into the washing up bowl though – maybe his memories have become distorted over the past year!

bathing in the sink

With a trampoline from Cub’s Aunties, a paddling pool, an old swing from another neighbour and a football from my Aunt, I think our little outdoor space is just perfect for the two of us (and Shadow too).  In the summer holidays I am looking forward to having a little sit down while I watch Cub play with his friends in the sunshine.

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