Review: Miracle Gro Flower Magic

I was sent this lovely “all in one flower mix” some time ago now.  Promising flowers within six weeks, I was excited to see if it lived up to it’s promises.  It contains 16 flower seed varieties with a combination of early and late bloomers.  It is so easy to use – all you do is shake it onto weeded and raked soil and then water.  I have shaken it in a few different places in my garden but I don’t think even Miracle Gro’s expert Flower Magic could have predicted this unusually cold May!  Seeds do need some warmth in order to germinate and so the only shoots I can see are those I planted in pots in a sun trap area of the garden.

For ease of use, I would give this product ten out of ten but check back here in a month or so to see if we have had enough sunlight for the actual flowers.  I am excited, anyway! Roll on summer.

Miracle gro flower magicflower potsSeveral months on and we are in mid August.  The pots came up swiftly once we were blessed with some sun, and lasted for about a month before wilting.  I planted some in the garden and they did not appear to grow, but here is a picture of some growing ones in a hanging basket:

miracle gro flowersMy honest opinion? I think that the flowers were lovely, delicate but beautiful and grew wonderfully in pots.  However, for the price, I think that the same effect could be had with some seeds and ordinary compost.

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