Review: Brain Games for Your Child

If you’re sitting at home looking glumly at the freezing winds buffeting the trees outside and wondering what you will do to entertain your children while they’re off school for two long cold weeks then I think I have found the solution.

Brain Games for Your Child by Robert Fisher contains over 200 games to play with your child as they grow right from newborn to age ten and even to adulthood.  Available in print or Kindle, it is the kind of book that your children will keep and use again with their own children.

Some of the the games put a smile on my face as I recalled playing them myself as a child, and all of them have been researched by Robert Fisher to not only entertain but also to build your child’s learning.  To my delight, they are not all messy games – when we play I the house, we often engage in ‘sensory play’ aka ‘big mess’ and ‘lots of cleaning’.

Cub and I thoroughly recommend this book and will be using it lots this snowy Easter of 2013 and beyond.


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