Life Insurance

I am writing this whilst sat in a hospital waiting for tests to be done on me. I see people milling about, all ages, shapes and sizes and it makes me ponder upon matters of health and longevity and the small steps we can all make to improve our fitness and overall well-being. In one corner is a group of pensioners and it makes me smile because they look as though they have all come along on a group outing to the phlebotomy clinic. Next to me is a nurse, and that surprises me, because somehow I don’t expect healthcare professionals to ever get ill. I have been talking to a lady whose husband has just been told that he has only 50% of his lung capacity. He has never smoked in his life and just collapsed one day.

I am realising that young or old, fat or thin, fit or unfit, unexpected illnesses, disability or even death can strike us at any time, and through no fault of our own. I lead a healthy life but it has not always been this way. I have a sudden urge to google life insurance, because I would like for my son not to have to suffer financially if something happened to me. I cannot bring myself to pay for the hospital wifi though, so have saved myself a note to investigate this topic upon my return to the real world.




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