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Well, one year and three months after starting MuTu and Thinking Slimmer and I’ve finally reached my target weight of ten stone seven.  Ok, so I have been rather unwell so that has aided me, but I’ve got there all the same, even if the route was not ideal.  Still, it’s handy, with Christmas less than two weeks away now.   I finally feel that I can buy clothes again – I was reluctant not to buy too much in a 16, or a 14, because I was determined to get back to a 12 – I look and feel more like ‘myself’ again (if you ignore the spots and haggard drawn emotional drain on my face – thank heavens for Estee Lauder).  Maybe Santa will bring me some new gear too and make me feel a bit special with adidas Originals.  We all need a comfy outfit for Christmas day and I’ve been surfing at Zalando and put together the perfect present-opening, mince pie eating outfit, before I get back onto the MuTu on Boxing Day.  I can almost smell the brand new snuggly fleecy cosiness of a new hoodie as I type, and the hat can caress my ears as I give Shadow his special (well, OK, it will feel special if I’m wearing new clothes) Christmas dog walk, glad to be shedding a pound or two before more food on our return.



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