Rise of the Guardians – Competition and Review

I am becoming a big fan of Simon and Schuster, who make books for kids of all ages.  I have recently been privileged to receive the new book titles that accompany the DreamWorks film Rise of the Guardians, recently released into cinemas.  The books have a wide age range, from a ‘ready to read’ book to a Junior novelisation.  Mt almost-three year-old loves the books, and has enjoyed naming the new characters such as Jack Frost, the tooth fairy and yetis and sticking the stickers that are inside two of the books.  Because it is Christmas month, and one of the characters is North aka Santa, the stories have caught his imagination and we have enjoyed looking at the books together at bedtime.

It has certainly made me want to watch the film, and I might just treat him to his very first cinema trip, so that he can see the book’s characters up there in the big screen.  The film itself I have read mixed reviews about but I am choosing to listen to the ones that describe it as magical, because the books certainly lead me to think that way.

reading rise of the guardians books

my copiesSimon and Schuster are also offering the set of five books that accompany Rise of the Guardians to win as a prize in a competition.

Please enter via the rafflecopter form below.  The Competition will run until 17th December 2012 so that there is plenty of time to receive them before Christmas.  The prize will be sent out direct from the publishers.  No alternatives will be offered.  Any prize not claimed within 5 days will be re-drawn.  UK only.  No cheating or unpleasantness please 😉

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    The tooth fairy normally goes into a panic remembering that they don’t have any change … then if they can find it they leave a £1 .. but they have been known to leave an i.o.u slip that can be cashed in with mummy !!!

  2. 55


    Im my house its £2 for the first tooth then a £1 for each of the others, but some people I know, thier tooth fairy leaves as much as £5 :O (wish id lived with them when I was a kid, it was 20p in my mums house lol)

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