Review: Stardust Kids – a durable brand

I first heard of Stardust Kids via twitter.  They do a great and funky clothing range with some fantastic and original designs.  From baby up to teenage and even clothes for Mum, it’s a fab site, easy to navigate and the service is excellent too.   They sell everything from leather baby shoes to sleep wear, t-shirts, awesome girls dresses, hoodies and matching mum and daughter t-shirts (or mum and son!).

Last year I spotted on of their frequent 2 for 1 offers and I snapped up two hoodies for my son.  It’s well worth following their twitter account  for this reason.  This was last autumn, so I bought a the hoodies a bit on the large size so that Cub could grow into them.  Now, no two ways about it, my little boy is messy.  I allow messy play and we get painty, wet, muddy, covered in food (well, he more than me on the latter), and of course potty training-related muck took its place in the muck of the last year.  Because of this, I find that I have to stain treat and wash his clothes a lot, and often at higher temperatures than is recommended on the garment label.  As a result of this, lots of clothes look bobbled, faded and shabby within a few months.

Not Stardust though.  I think they must use fairy magic in their clothes because below is a picture of the new t-shirt next to the year old hoodie that we still use on a regular basis.  The older one only shows slight signs of wear and I still class it as one of his smart tops even after all this time.  There is very very minor bobbling and no  fading, it is quite incredible.  The new top below is the one with the superman on it (cubs robot top).  It looks slightly lighter I think because of the light reflecting off the brand new finish but side by side the colour is identical.

I am even confident that the hoody will soon be in good enough position to be passed on.  Most clothes at the moment get binned once they are too small just because they are so worn/stained.  Whatever age your child, bookmark Stardust, you won’t be disappointed.  With clothes that wash this well, I would LOVE them to do an adult hoodie range and an adult onesie.


two tops side by side

Here is my supermodel rocking his new robot top:

stardust kids superman t shirt


I just noticed they have a two for one sale on again at the moment so I’m headed there right now!


Disclaimer: The t-shirt was sent for free. I was not obliged to write this post and the opinions expressed are all my own.

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